Evening, in the Open Air, for flute, clarinet, vibraphone, piano, violin, and cello, 2017, 8'
          written for the 2017 Norfolk New Music Workshop
Embrace, for flute, guitar, and violin, 2017, 3'
          written for Ensemble Móbile, through their Call for Collaborators
Khalseh, for mallet sextet, 2017, 5'30"
Nothing Gold Can Stay, for 2 percussionists and 2 pianists, 2016, 11'
          written for Yarn/Wire
          finalist of the 2017 ASCAP Morton Gould Young Composers Awards
Where, for Bb clarinet, alto saxophone, and piano, 2015, 9'
          written for the 2015 Fresh Inc Festival
Oh, Heart!, for flute, clarinet, piano, violin, and cello, 2015, 15'
          written for the Lontano Ensemble
Moments, for string quartet, 2014, 10'
          written for the Momenta Quartet
Schnittke Variations, for woodwind quintet, 2014, 4'
Bura, for string quartet, 2014, 8'


Prelude to Water Melody, for soprano, suona, erhu, pipa, guzheng, and piano, 2o17, 6'
Separate Realities, for soprano, viola, and fixed electronics, 2016, 18'
          written for Stacey Geyer and Stephanie Griffin
          awarded honorable mention in the 2017 Brian M. Israel Prize
Love's Lost Words, for mezzo soprano, cello, and piano, 2016, 9'
          written for Lindsay Brown
Vhev, for 2 sopranos, 2 altos, tenor, 2 baritones, and bass, 2015, 5'
          written for Roomful of Teeth

Large Ensemble:

Saturno y su hijo, for orchestra, 2015, 8'30"
Night Music, for solo cello and string orchestra, 2015, 4'30"
Bonaca, for wind ensemble, 2014, 3'30"

Solo and Duo:

By the Light of Day, for solo flute, 2016, 4'
Night Music, for solo organ, 2015, 4'30"
Phrases, for solo violin, 2014, 3'
Brothers, for two violins, 2013, 2'30"
Las galerías, for solo piano, 2013, 6'30"
Lugares, for solo guitar, 2013, 7'30"


Separate Realities, for soprano, viola, and fixed electronics, 2016, 18'
In a Crystal Casket, for tape, 2015, 4'
Numbers, for tape, 2013, 2'


The Divine Image, for women's choir, 2017, 3'
Magnificat, for Soprano and Tenor soloists, SATB choir, and organ, 2015, 5'
On a mountain, for SATB choir, 2014, 3'